On The Waterside
Sailing the East End of Long Island, New York
The possessions and passions we cherish project the
person we want to be.  A sports car, a dazzling
necklace or an amazing round of golf all speak
volumes about their owners and what they aspire to
become.  Boats are even more symbolic of dreams
held in the heart of the sailor manning the wheel or
tiller.  That is why the United States Sailboat Show is
known for its popularity and longevity.  For the last 39
years, hundreds of boat makers, dealers, craftsmen,
marine businessman and tens of thousands of
boaters descend upon the small city of Annapolis,
Maryland for a weekend cruise through their dreams.
The United
States Sailboat
By Ben Amato
The acres of floating docks appeal to those with a
wild imagination and limitless horizons.   The
Queen of the show was the Virginia, a classic
pilot schooner built by the Virginia Maritime
Foundation from blueprints from 1917.   Her crew
of volunteers welcomed thousands aboard to
stroll her 24 ft wide decks and 125ft elegant,
varnished beauty.    
Out on dock D was the Manitou, John F. Kennedy’
s Presidential yacht.  This was his 1962 “floating
White House” complete with ice box, fireplace and
room for Secret Service radios to hook up a
direct line to the Kremlin.
Tucked into a small corner of the show was the
Elf, a one hundred and twenty year old yawl.   
Diminutive in size but majestic in nautical history,
this little yacht was born in Boston and for more
than a century raced with over two thousand
square foot of sail, which made her among the
fastest and prettiest 35 footer afloat.  
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