On The Waterside
Sailing the East End of Long Island, New York
The United States
Sailboat Show
By Ben Amato
At the heart of the boat show lies the newest, the sleekest,
the most advanced technologies and the grandest of
dreams.   A forest of masts and banners lined a maze of
floating walkways between the dozens of yachts open for
The biggest names in new boat construction filled the
harbor with their 30, 40 and 50 footers.    Beneteau,
Catalina, Hunter, J Boats, Oyster, Pearson, Sabre, Tartan
and C&C had the most boats on display and were
featured in many of the daydreams created during the
Columbus Day weekend.  Multihull dealers such as
Lagoon, Hobie Cat, Performance Cruising, Fountaine and
Seawind had their cats packed in pontoon to pontoon.  
These floating condominiums emotionally transported all
visitors directly to the sunny Caribbean and BVI.  
Dozens of vendors lined the bulkheads and 8 tents housed
many more dealers in electronics, hardware, clothing, new
sails and every accessory know to man or woman or sea
creature.  My Personal Favorite was the Superwind booth
featuring their sturdy, quiet, powerful wind generator.  
MotionEaze could be the Most Miraculous vendor I visited
for their product, with a dab on the back of the ear, could
quiet the nastiest symptoms of motion sickness.  The Most
Fascinating item was the Kasco De-icers, which would let
me keep my boat in the water all winter long.
The United States Sailboat Boat Show best illustrates the
differences between men and boys and the size of their
toys.  For thousands of big boys wandered in a daze from
one amazing yacht to the next.  
This year’s boat show triggered all sorts of mental gymnastics within my sailing soul, for I spotted my first boat on display, a
twelve foot catamaran from Aqua Cat.  This symbol from the past was supplemented by seeing the latest version of my own
present, a new Gemini 105MC Performance Cruising Catamaran.  But as I toured the traditional monohulls and science
fiction trimarans, my future sailing dream did not materialized.  No sleek racer or wide cruiser sparked my imagination.  
Maybe it was the economic whirlwind that was raking Wall Street or the other unsettled issues which mar my own current
course, but amid the heavily discounted bargains and bonus packages offered by the dealers, I noticed few buyers and
was empty of new dreams..  
In this coming winter of possible discontent, with election anxiety and petroleum pandemonium, it might be a good idea to
escape for a day at one of the upcoming boat shows.  They are slated for New York City, Baltimore and Miami.  The
maritime therapy and escapism these shows offer are priceless and will re-charge the most sluggish imagination.  

Dare to dream on these dates;
New York National Boat Show / December 13-21, 2008
Sailfest at the Baltimore Boat Show / January 21–25, 2009

Strictly Sail® Miami / February 12-16, 2009
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