Viewing, Reading, Listening,
Note Taking and Writing Skills
can be enhanced by using mass media and the resources of Newsday.
N.I.E.  Multimedia Program presents this 45 hour
Online Professional Development Course to offer
educators new tools and techniques to reach their students.
Multimedia Course Introduction

  To be well informed, concerned and connected we use the Internet, television,
newspapers and all other forms of modern media to stay abreast with the world. Our
classrooms should be teaching students how to use these media outlets to become life-
long learners, tuned into flow of global events.  Multimedia lessons do this and by
participating in this online course, you will gain the skills you need to bring the world into
your classrooms.

  The beginning few lessons you will have watching the television news, reading
newspaper articles and analyzing radio programs.  These are all archived on the Internet
and you will be introduced to various search engines that allow you to select the perfect
media resource to enhance any topic.  You will also begin to see the potential of a
multimedia approach to learning.

   The Internet is a powerful and underutilized tool to help teachers present topics and
teach academic skills.  The events that daily make up the newspaper and television are
interdisciplinary, current and connected to the lives of students and their families.  

This Online Course will help you;

  • find video, articles, stories, poems, photographs, radio broadcasts, music and many
    other forms of media.
  • store media resources for easy access and use
  • utilize Internet media downloads to enhance the traditional secondary school
  • create multimedia lessons for classroom use.
  • motivate students to develop their own media resources and become life-long

   Begin with
Lesson 1 and direct all emails to