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Note Taking and Writing Skills
can be enhanced by using mass media and the resources of Newsday.
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Lesson #11In-service Course
Ben Amato | Newfield High School
Facts and figures, exact details and specific references usually comprise the typical school day. Very seldom do we ask our students to connect with how
they feel. Emotional reactions seem to be limited to hallways and the cafeterias. This week I want you to try something a bit different. I want you to scour
the Internet and other forms of mass media for material that appeals to one's emotions.
Public schools teach our students HOW to think, NOT WHAT to think. But we never get around to helping them sort out their FEELINGS and
EMOTIONAL REACTIONS to the BIG ISSUES; -- life, death, love and loss. This is your task this week. The Internet is filled with wonderful resources and I
want you to visit several, where instead of finding bits of "content" treasure, I want you to go to the heart. Find material that provokes emotion and
feeling. Find stories that stir the soul or that make one's blood boil. Make students FEEL.

I have found a few wonderful sites that contain VIDEO ARCHIVES. There also are ones you have visited before that might be of use. As always, attempt
to find ALL MODES of media to use in this lesson. You can arrange the material in whatever fashion you seek, but attempt to have a VIDEO component,
an AUDIO component, a VISUAL component and a WRITTEN component. Let them see, hear, understand, think and FEEL.

Take LOSS. This week's NIE lesson covered the tragic deaths of two young boys on their way home from school. The address for this story is

Go to the Multimedia lesson page and complete the multiple choice and crossword puzzle assignments and email them in. But please notice how that
assignment was based on HOW STUDENTS FEEL and what "sense" they can make out of this senseless loss.

Now this is not an easy assignment for no matter how vast the Internet seems to be, there are limits. So I suggest a strategy where you tackle an
EMOTION and then find material that PROVOKES that feeling in students. That way you can "jump" from one story to another, which are linked solely by
the FEELINGS that they evoke in their audience.

So good luck and remember that it is the heart you are after this time. But also remember that HAPPINESS, SUCCESS, VICTORY and JOY are also
emotions that would make your classroom come alive. Head over to the ASSIGNMENT PAGE and email me your results.