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Lesson #13In-service Course
Ben Amato | Newfield High School
We live in a world of facts, figures and specific details. Much of the content we teach in school is set upon concrete, rock solid knowledge. But it
seems that instead of us being dominated by the real, it is fiction that fascinates us. We remember stories, novels, television shows, music and
movies so much more than the facts that they are based upon. I believe that is because fictional material is aimed at our hearts, while the facts
of the world are directed at our heads. Emotional commitment is the key. If we feel strongly about something, that is what we remember.
Knowledge is transitory, fleeting and sometimes, inconsequential. Matters of the heart matter more.
This week's lesson looks towards using the power of fiction to enhance fact based lessons. Specifically, we will be looking at the power of music.
Songs have a way of seeping into your consciousness. A good tune buries itself so deep into your head that you sometimes find yourself
singing it without even knowing it. Our favorite songs, our preferred music, almost become a part of us. We can use the addictive nature of
music in the classroom, as a gateway to deeper understanding.

Melissa Etheridge has a new CD titled LUCKY. Within this CD is a song titled "Tuesday Morning." It deals with Flight 93, the airplane that was
commandeered by Arab terrorists and redirected towards Washington, D.C. Passengers aboard that flight decided to take matters into their own
hands and attempted to recapture the airplane. Melissa's song describes that moment in a fact based fictional manner.

The use of this song in the classroom can produce a powerful lesson about the events of that day and the issues that surround 9/11. Using this
song as the "gateway" into the lesson will stimulate student interest and curiosity and move them to study the facts of the lesson deeper. The
song deals with the life and death of one particular man who stood tall that day and actually instigated the passenger rebellion against the
terrorists. It centers on Mark Bingham and the fact that he was openly gay.

My intention is to use this song and supplement it with newspaper articles and video news clips to cover the topic of gay marriage in our society.
In the ASSIGNMENT PAGE you will have access to the song "Tuesday Morning," the lyrics and also a handout I prepared about Mark Bingham.
The rest of the assignment page will take you through the process of creating a multimedia lesson, centered around a song.

Good luck and move on to the ASSIGNMENT PAGE