Viewing, Reading, Listening,
Note Taking and Writing Skills
can be enhanced by using mass media and the resources of Newsday.
N.I.E.  Multimedia Program will post a lesson
every Tuesday designed to improve E.L.A. skills.
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Lesson #18In-service Course
Ben Amato | Newfield High School
We have reached the end of the Newsday In Education Multimedia Online Course and I want to thank you very much for exploring the Internet with me.
This has been a long journey into cyberspace and I hope, for you, a fruitful one.
For a final lesson, I want you to recognize how easy it is to create multimedia lessons to enhance the classroom experiences of your students. The raw
material is out there and by now, you have probably developed your own style of searching the Net for them. Please feel free to head over to the weekly
Multimedia Lesson I post on every Tuesday. This is another valuable resource that is well suited for most classrooms.

New sources are always being posted on the net and they contain material that will assist you in teaching. Some sites that you might find valuable are:

Air America Radio - This is a new liberal talk radio station that will soon introduce an archive section. Though political in nature, they already feature
something very few other sites offer, links to other sites that offer "proof" that what they are reporting on is correct. They are located at

Comedy Central - This is the website for all of the comedy shows played on this cable network. The one show in particular that offers GREAT video clips
is The DAILY SHOW. The host of the show, Jon Stewart, has a collection of video clips where he offers commentary and comedy based upon the most
important events taking place. The address is for the Comedy Central homepage and a direct link to The Daily Show is

The History Channel - This website offers many historical video and audio clips, including as huge collections of the most famous speeches from the 20th

If you ever find a great resource please email me and I will pass it on to the other members of this course. Thanks for you efforts.

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