Viewing, Reading, Listening,
Note Taking and Writing Skills
can be enhanced by using mass media and the resources of Newsday.
N.I.E.  Multimedia Program will post a lesson
every Tuesday designed to improve E.L.A. skills.
Lesson #1

Multimedia lessons utilize television, newspapers and the radio to make sense of the
world around us. Each lesson begins with a television news clip, utilizing our viewing
skills. Through listening and note taking, the topic and basic content of a story is

Armed with this basic knowledge of a topic, the newspaper article is presented and
read. Because the core of the story is already known, reading of the article is easier
and the  understanding is enhanced. The crossword puzzle activity is actually a reading
comprehension exercise, using the cloze method to further analysis. This encourages a
re-reading of the document, enhancing further understanding.

A writing assignment is a complex tool that measures one's ability to comprehend,
organize and present opinions about a specific topic, event or situation. Writing is a
basic tool of communication that connects all of us to the world around us. Each
Multimedia lesson contains a culminating writing assignment that mirrors the type of
tasks present in the New York State ELA Regents. The styles most frequently used in
Multimedia lessons are the expository, editorial, cautionary and creative.

Expository essays explain a topic or situation. Editorials seek to sway a reader's
opinions and feelings. Cautionary writing warns its audience of dangers and
inconveniences. Creative writing uses the power of fiction to present a theme and a
writer's thoughts.

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