Viewing, Reading, Listening,
Note Taking and Writing Skills
can be enhanced by using mass media and the resources of Newsday.
N.I.E.  Multimedia Program will post a lesson
every Tuesday designed to improve E.L.A. skills.
Lesson #2

The newspaper and television are only two of the ways we see and understand the world around
us. We also hear about the events that shape the future. Radio and other audio resources can
enhance Multimedia Lessons and make a classroom experience even more meaningful. This
lesson will have you exploring the Internet for radio newscasts and other material that will "turn up
the volume" of learning within a classroom.

Listening is a skill we can teach, no matter the subject or grade level. The video clip used in a
Multimedia lesson is more a listening exercise than a visual one. Radio news broadcast are
uniquely suited to promote good listening habits. National Public Radio has a website that offers
access to the news broadcasts they have made during the past 9 years.
They also have a search engine which allows you to type in the subject
of a news story you wish to hear. Within seconds, they list audio
recordings directly related to the subject selected. will be the website I want you to explore first this week.
Then I want you to surf over to, where both audio
and video clips are available.
Most radio broadcasts follow a distinct pattern in
the presentation of information. The scripts for
these news stories follow a traditional writing
style, where the TOPIC and the SETTING of the
story is delivered first.

The PEOPLE involved in the story come next.  
Then you hear of their PROBLEMS or CONFLICT.

The key to becoming a better listener is to
anticipate what the story is going to be about,
and then actively listen and take notes on the
facts and details you are looking for.

The middle of a radio news story is filled with the
DETAILS about some topic or a SEQUENCE OF
STEPS that make up the event.

The final section of the radio broadcast offers a
RESOLUTION to the CONFLICT, concluding in
the THEME or MESSAGE the story presents.

These are the TYPE of details an active listener
will notice when hearing and analyzing a radio