Viewing, Reading, Listening,
Note Taking and Writing Skills
can be enhanced by using mass media and the resources of Newsday.
N.I.E.  Multimedia Program will post a lesson
every Tuesday designed to improve E.L.A. skills.
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Lesson #6In-service Course
Ben Amato | Newfield HIgh School
Multimedia lessons offer educators unique ways to differentiate their instructional teaching style and bring the motivating world of
current events into their classrooms. By using the newspaper and up-to-the-minute television news stories, teachers can appeal to
the different learning styles their students possess.
Listening, visual and reading skills can be enhanced by using the newspaper and television stories. Students can hone their note
taking, vocabulary building and highlighting skills by doing multimedia activities. Their critical thinking skills will have a chance to
develop as they gather information from various media resources, analyze the data for important details and then synthesize their
thoughts into a well structured and thought-out essay.

By using the newspaper and television, students come to realize that the media offers them a view of the world that relates to their
everyday experiences. The news touches their lives and Multimedia lessons offer students a way to understand the world around
them, connect with the flow of daily events and express their thoughts in a meaningful, enlightening way.

Furthermore, Multimedia lessons offer both students and teachers independence. For educators, every day the local paper and
television newscasts can supply them with fresh, motivating raw material to build new lessons. For students, they learn to follow
their own intellectual curiosity by reading and viewing various media outlets to learn about the topics and stories that matter most to

This is the sixth lesson of the Multimedia In-Service Course and time has come for you to create a unique, complete Multimedia
Lesson on your own. It is hoped that you will use the techniques and resources that have been presented to develop new styles of
instruction. I hope the opening salvo of lessons have widened your horizons and provided you with new techniques to brighten your
classroom experience.

Ben Amato