Viewing, Reading, Listening,
Note Taking and Writing Skills
can be enhanced by using mass media and the resources of Newsday.
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Lesson #8In-service Course
Ben Amato | Newfield High School
When a BIG STORY hits the media airwaves, it seems that no matter where you look, there are resources available to bring that story into the
classroom for academic purposes. Listen to the news for a whole day. See what makes the news on television, on the radio or on the front pages
of newspapers. Then select the one BIG STORY that interests you the most. What I want you to do this week is canvass the wealth of information
that is out there about a BIG STORY and learn to be SELECTIVE in the material you can bring into the classroom.
In choosing media resources there is a METHOD to picking the material. Your FIRST CONCERN is to be GRADE APPROPRIATE. The news
article, video report or graphic must be suited to the age, maturity and intelligence of your classroom audience. Once you have found something
fitting for your class, make sure there is a strong TIE IN with the CURRICULUM you are covering. The relationship of the media piece DOES NOT
have to be directly connected to the CONTENT, but can be SKILL related. You might present a video or audio media piece to conduct a SKILL
ASSESSMENTS or PUBLIC SPEAKING activities. Multimedia presentations are also well suited to GROUP and TEAM BUILDING activities.

INTEREST is also a consideration when selecting media pieces to bring into the classroom. Try to find material that is INFORMATIVE, DIRECT,
IN-DEPTH and ENTERTAINING. One major reason for bringing media into the school setting is to use its MOTIVATING QUALITIES to ENHANCE
everyday learning.

Finally, remember a prime tenet of Differentiated Instruction; different students learn best differently. Some students are VISUAL learners, while
others depend upon their AUDITORY SKILLS. Some are ACADEMICALLY ADVANCED and the written word leaps right from the page into their
minds and hearts. Others can SEE deeper into photographs and paintings, to use those art forms to garner a deeper understanding on some
issue or topic. So when selecting media material, run the gamut and pick at least one media resource for each modality you seek to reach.

The BIG STORIES which dominate the news each day, week or month offer so much material, that you can be selective and tailor a multimedia
lesson to bring out the best in your students. Move on to the assignment page and complete the tasks listed. Good luck.