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Note Taking and Writing Skills
can be enhanced by using mass media and the resources of Newsday.
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The Rachel Maddow Show
   Listening Assessment

1. The basic economic crisis is that banks are not
    a.  collecting on foreclosures.
    b.  lending money to other banks.
    c.  making money from their stocks.

2.  Paul Krugman feels that instead of looking at the
Stock Market, the real indicator is
    a.  the foreclosure rate.
    b.  the mortgage rate.
    c.  the Credit Market.

3.  Krugman feels this latest massive bailout will
    a.  solve the credit problem forever.
    b.  shore up the housing market.
    c.  lead to another, better bailout plan.

4.  Over one month ago, during this interview, Krugman
said the solution is for the government to
    a.  buy the banks and nationalize them.
    b.  buy the foreclosures and offer cheap housing.
    c.  print more money.

5.  According to the Newsday article, President Bush
announced that money from the $700 billion dollar
bailout will purchase
    a.  the foreclosed homes.
    b.  major portions of Blue Chip stocks.
    c.  shares of the 9 largest US banks.
Paul Krugman
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