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Web Design
services and multimedia enhancements
Using the services of
Yahoo Small Business
and other major online servers,
we can help you enhance
your Internet presence.
The goal of your website is to bring
your products and services before
the public's eye, not to add a new
monthly expense to your bottom line.
We can produce a customize
homepage and related web pages to
put your best side forward, present
your complete line of products and
bring in new customers for your
As your storefront to the world, this page will
introduce your business to the world.  We will
work with you to make it interactive, graphically
pleasing and filled with the information that will
bring in new business and promote your services
to the world.
$400 is the fee for all of the design,
photography, video and multimedia products that
will make your page informative, appealing and
$75 is the fee for all other pages created for the website.  
Photography, written content and one multimedia product
posted on that page are included.  
Multimedia Products
Using Powerpoint presentations, Video,
Quicktime clips and other forms of
multimedia, we can illustrate why your
products and services are best suited
for your clients' needs.
We use the services of
to place your website on the Internet
because of their realiability
and their offer of unlimited space
for your site.
This allows us to stock your site
with an extensive array
of videos, photography and
other multimedia products
to make your site
interesting, informative
and a favorite.
Yahoo! Web Hosting
pricing plans
$9.95 annual domain name
12 months: $7.46 a month
3 months: $8.96 a month
1 month: $12.95 a month
or call
for more details about getting your site on the net.